What Makes Wicker Bags Trendy And How To Take Care Of Them

How to Clean and Care wicker bags
How to Take Care and Clean your Wicker Bag or Basket
August 20, 2021
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7 Reasons To Buy Wicker Handbags
September 23, 2021

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Matching any dress code and giving a cool gesture to you during summers, wicker bags are there. China wicker handbags are a good option for you. These bags are handmade and unique to wear. Many people who don’t know much about wicker bags get impressed when they see people wearing them.

With time, wicker bags are also becoming trendy. Many fashion bloggers use this bag in their fashion blogs and post pictures on social media. These are becoming trendy as they can easily be matched with every dress, including:

  • Summer dresses
  • Jeans
  • Sandals
  • Coats
  • Boots
  • Jackets

Anything you wear, you can carry a wicker bag to enhance your appearance and give yourself a unique look.

Apart from handbags, baskets are also designed using these materials. Willow baskets are also used widely. You can get the perfect basket from willow basket suppliers.

How to Take care of Your Wicker Bags:

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·         Avoid Long Exposure to the Sun:

Going on a trip to the beach and carrying a wicker bag is fine. But keeping the bag under the UV light for a long period can fade the bag. At home also, keep the bag in a place where there is no way for sunlight. This will keep your wicker bag safe from getting faded and make it durable.

·         Avoid the Bag to Get Wet:

Before leaving your house with wicker bags, check the weather report. If there is a chance for rain, then avoid taking the wicker bag out. Your bag can get damage if the water spoils all over your bag. A little amount of water is fine, but it should be wiped out immediately.

·         Storing Your Bag at a Safe Place:

Store your bags at a safe place where your pets (if any) can’t reach them. They can damage the look of your wicker bag. These should be kept in a safe area where it is hard for any pet to reach out and harm the bag.

·         Do not Hang Wicker Bags if Not Using:

The handles of wicker bags are strong and long-lasting. To make them last for a longer period, try not to keep them hanging when you are not using them. Hanging while not in use gives unnecessary pressure on the bag. Due to this, the age of your bag may decrease.

·         Filling the Bag with Papers:

If you will not use your bag for long, place papers inside the bags. This maintains the shape of the bag. If you do not place papers, this will change the look of the bag, and it will be difficult to get it back. Also, avoid putting heavyweight objects as these can also damage the shape of the bags.

·         Do the Dusting of your Wicker Bag:

Taking care of your wicker bags doesn’t require getting cleaned by water nor any other cleaning supplies. You will need a paintbrush, a toothbrush, or a feather duster. Do not scrub but gently brush to remove the dust particles from the bag. Doing this with light hands will prevent the paint of the bag from damaging.

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