How to Take Care and Clean your Wicker Bag or Basket

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How to Clean and Care wicker bags

Rattan or wicker is an organic material and is a type of ‘Palma‘ with unlimited power. As among the tropical regions in Asia, Indonesia is often renowned as the one of largest wicker-producing countries in the world. Many top-tier wicker bag manufacturers belong to Indonesia.

Therefore, it should not be of any surprise for you if you find a variety of rattan bags, useful for small trinkets such as baskets to large furniture like home furnishings. Based on this fact, China wicker handbags are often exported around the globe.

The excessive and attractive nature of wicker makes it among the most sought-after materials for craftsmen in creative and other home appliances industries. This blog post will mainly discuss the cleaning and maintenance of wicker bags or baskets which is one of the tricky things to handle.

Wicker Bag cleansing

Wicker Bag Care:

1) Always try to store the wicker bag for long spans in areas that are exposed to sunlight and artificial light.

2) Don’t wear China wicker bags during rains. Otherwise, it will get wet and if they get wet, arrange things to dry them immediately through a micro-fiber cloth.

3) Keep your wicker bags away from heat sources

4) When your bag is stored for a longer time, pour some tissue papers in it or bubble wrap plastic.

5) Store the wicker bag in the dust bag.

6) If you are wearing the wicker bag, make sure it has no heavy object because lusty objects will deform it.

Wicker Bag Cleaning:

1) Clean the bag with a microfiber cloth.

2) Brush your bag with a soft bristle brush.

3) Sanitize our wicker bag through a soft cloth, which is slightly wet with milk or mild soap.  

One of the hallmarks of wicker is its maintenance, which is quite easy. For wicker baskets, it is enough for you to clean dust stuck through a regular cloth. To get ideal results, you can use wet cloth continually. Therefore, your wicker bag or basket will become more durable.

Ending Note

With the above-mentioned little tips, you can keep your wicker bag last for a long time. However, you need to remember that after several years, your wicker bag would get slightly darken due to the oxidation effect of the wicker. BUT don’t worry! Since this is a natural process it will give your bag a touch of irregular shades of color that will make it look vintage and vintage look has its own swag. Ultimately, it will make your wicker basket or bag look more fascinating!

Want to add some more cleaning tips, comment below!

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